Pride – What is it?

When we celebrate Pride, we think of parades, the colour of the rainbow and celebrating with friends, all of which are great, but as Pride month 2022 draws to a close, it’s important to reflect on what Pride is and why we celebrate it.  

P.R.I.D.E stands for ‘Promoting Respect, Inclusion and Dignity for Everyone’ and this is a celebration that takes place each year in June. The celebration centres around remembering the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion in the USA where protestors fought back against the suffering endured by the LGBTQ+ community at the hands of the police. This was originally a one-day event which became a much bigger movement, and over the years since 1969, celebrating Pride has attracted millions of people all over the world.

People celebrate Pride in June each year and there are a number of ways to show support and take part in the celebration such as attending a Pride party, a festival, hosting a work event or workshop, attending a concert and many more – there are numerous events held throughout the month of June in aid of celebrating Pride, so you can take your pick.

In the UK, we are now lucky enough to live in a country where acceptance has grown largely over the years – it wasn’t too long ago that even here in the UK, being homosexual was a criminal offence punishable by death. Even though the UK has moved forwards from this era of inequality, there is still work to be done. From January to August in 2021 a total of 14,670 sexual orientation hate crimes were recorded by UK Police Forces – a staggering number with unfortunate growth when compared to previous years; from January to August 2020 the number was 11,841.

A rise in hate crime is also seen when considering transphobic crime rates with 2,129 being recorded from January to August 2021, compared to 1,602 for the same time period in 2019.

It is clear that the UK still has a lot of work to do, therefore it is important to celebrate Pride as doing so will continue to help to promote equality and diversity, and it will assist in providing people with the necessary knowledge and awareness to combat senseless crime.

Is it important to celebrate Pride in the workplace?

Yes. Celebrating Pride shines a light on important issues to ensure that they are not overlooked and shows that we stand in solidarity with others across the world who suffer needlessly for being who they are.

Celebrating Pride in the workplace provides employees with the opportunity to gain knowledge, understanding, and awareness that they may not necessarily have been exposed to elsewhere. It is also a fantastic way to promote awareness, equality and diversity at work, which in turn helps to create a secure and inclusive working environment where people feel supported and safe to be who they are.

The top 5 ways you can celebrate Pride at work:

1: Logo changes

Businesses can have fun with logo changes for the entire month of June by including the colours of the rainbow in it. Not only does this show others that you support the celebration of Pride, but it shows to employees a commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace and that you support them in the race to equality. Just by looking on LinkedIn throughout the month of June, it is easy to notice many employers, big and small, have taken part in changing their logo to show support.

2: Charity fundraising

Not only does this give employees the opportunity to network with each other, it’s fun! There are so many great ideas to fundraise at work, such as a charity bake sale, sponsored walk, a raffle and many more.

3: Provide the opportunity to attend an inclusion workshop

Inclusion workshops don’t need to last hours, some can even be completed in as little as 15 minutes. Doing this provides employees with a deeper understanding of D&I in the workplace making for a healthier and more supportive working environment. Some workplaces choose to host inclusion workshops via HR departments and some can opt to book guest speakers in such as authors, broadcasters, business owners, and even athletes.

4: Decorate the workplace

Adding a touch of colour to your office in the month of June is fun and can be easily done just by adding a few rainbow-coloured flags around the workplace. This gives a strong visual message to employees and the public which encourages people to get involved, whether this be via internal celebrations within the workplace or external celebrations in the local area.

5: Attend a Pride event

Throughout June, there are hundreds of Pride events available to attend. Some businesses opt to attend these in a professional capacity and book stalls to provide information and advice on services they offer, which in turn gives them the opportunity to distribute colourful and branded marketing supplies such as rainbow-coloured pens, fridge magnets, business cards and more. Not only is this a fantastic networking opportunity, but it enables business to demonstrate their commitment to a big cause.