Pressure sores are almost always preventable in hospitals if proper care is given – therefore, most claims will be successful.

Our team of experts regularly recover compensation for patients who have developed pressure sores whilst in hospital, or who have not received the proper treatment for their pressure sore or ulcer in their GP Surgery or by the District Nurses, causing it to break down and become more severe.

Pressure sores, sometimes known as pressure ulcers occur when people are lying down in bed or sitting in a chair or wheelchair in the same position for long periods. They tend to occur on bony parts of the body that are in direct contact with the bed/chair and through which there is significant pressure such as the sacrum (base of the spine), heels and elbows, due to there being no protective padding in those areas.

In law, pressure sores are avoidable if proper precautions are taken, meaning that compensation is often payable for the avoidable amount of pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused by the prolonger recovery period and any scarring left behind.

It is well known that some people are at a greater risk of developing pressure sores.

Risk factors include:

  • Being over the age of 70, as skin may be more fragile
  • Being confined to bed due to injury or after surgery
  • Being confined to being seated due to mobility issues, including paralysis

Importantly, nursing staff are duty-bound to consider patients’ risk for pressure. The NHS website states:

“If you’re in a hospital or care home, your healthcare team should be aware of the risk of developing pressure ulcers. They should carry out a risk assessment, monitor your skin and use preventative measures, such as regular repositioning.”

If staff have not carried out a (proper) risk assessment, have failed to properly monitor your skin, or have failed to take appropriate preventative measures and you have gone on to develop a pressure sore, you may be able to claim compensation and should contact one of our expert medical negligence lawyers, free of charge, today.

Pressure sores are graded 1 to 4;

Grade 1: Mild and the skin is not broken, but without treatment and preventative measures, they can break down further.

Grade 2: Involves an open wound or blister.

Grade 3: Goes through the deeper layers of the skin and is a very serious wound. They extend through the muscle, sometimes to the bone. You can find more details about pressure sores on

If you believe that you or your loved one may have received a substandard level of care that has caused them to develop a pressure sore, contact us at 0344 7768328 to explore a possible claim for compensation on a No Win No Fee Agreement. RHL Solicitors’s specialist medical negligence solicitors act for the victims of medical negligence, conducting thorough and rigorous clinical negligence investigations with the intention of establishing liability and recovering compensation. The expert reports we disclose to the Defendant during the claim process can also help to make a difference and to improve future care.